Friday, November 12, 2010

Release Date for “a common experience” is set for Late November

Yes its true. There is actually a release date now for “a common experience.” After uncountable (and ongoing) technical and software issues the release date for the book is set for late November-ish. All images have been final produced. The text is edited and complete (and quite compelling I might add).

This has been a HUGE effort to get everything done. I have learned that “writing” a book is the easy part. Writing took me about 21 days. But photo selection, processing, layout, and dealing computer “issues” is what really takes time and effort.

So update your holiday gift lists to include “a common experience.” Get a copy for your spouse. Another for your friends. One for yourself, and every coffee table should should have one. Heck! Get a copy for your friend's spouse!


On the Summit of Blanca Peak. The sign says, “Blanca Peak, 14,345 ft, Sept 18, 2010, Number 40 in 40X50”