Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Early Excerpt from the Book, “a common experience”

I am very excited, and anxious, about the release of my first book. I am projecting that it should be completed about mid June. Please help me by spreading the word.

a common experience is a collection of personal short stories, scenes, and photographs that I have collected over several years while hiking and climbing the Colorado mountains. It is not a guidebook book, or an adventure tale, but rather broad life lessons and experiences that I have learned in the context of hiking and climbing. These scenes are accompanied by, and related to, some of my best landscape and mountain images.

Below I have included a short excerpt and a couple of images. Please have a look and stay tuned…

"...And in the moment someone has that “Wow” reaction while looking at one of my images, we might both share an appreciation for the mountains, composition, color, and the effort required to capture it all. In that short span of time, that viewer and I will have something in common. We will have the experience of that place and time captured in an image that required perhaps 1/500 of a second to record. And that experience is what we have in common. It is the common experience that this book tries to capture."

High winds rip snow from the summit of

James Peak (13,294 ft / 4,052 m) in early Spring

as Mike and Jim approach the summit in the distance, May 2008


BFSmith GraysMoonLite 0607 072

Sunrise on Grays Peak (14,270 ft / 4,350 m)

looking North to Torreys Peak (14,267 ft / 4,349 m), June 2007

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