Wednesday, July 28, 2010

…I am Back After a Brief and Frustrating Respite

Sometimes life just gets in the way. Both good experiences and those that are bad can temporarily derail one from their intended course. C'est la vie

Right as I was in the final phases of finishing “a common experience” I started to have some rather severe computer issues that put the brakes on my image processing workflow. These “issues” rolled down, as these things do, into my final book production and basically stopped it in its tracks.

On top of that I also started a new 6 month contract position at Qwest Communications. The new job is great. I have an excellent boss and coworkers and the work is well matched to my skills. Anyway…Starting a new job is always a bit consuming and distracting. And so it was.

This situation caused me to lose a little “steam” regarding book production. Unfortunately, I completely missed the July 15 contest deadline. C'est la vie. It could not have been avoided. But, with a new computer and some extra free time (haha) I am back in production and have processed about 60 percent of the book images.

Stay tuned and thank you for your interest…


Me on the Summit of Handies Peak, June 2010

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