Thursday, December 16, 2010

a common experience is submitted!

Yesterday afternoon I successfully submitted my book, a common experience, to Blurb. Wow! Finally. I requested express service so that I can get the hard copy book back quicker for my review. I am VERY excited to finally see what I have been working on for nearly a year as an actual, physical, book!

Unfortunately, due to timing and production timelines I don’t believe it will be available for retail delivery for before Christmas. I truly wish it was. Now I understand why manufacturers push so hard to get product on store shelves BEFORE the holidays.

Oh well…All I can do is try my best. If there are no, or few, changes to the final book, then a common experience should be available for ordering within about a week. After ordering, it can take up to two weeks for delivery.

When I submitted the book I was able to determine the price at around $69.95. This includes per book production costs and a small (very small actually) profit. Blurb typically has discount codes that can save you around 20%. I will provide those codes as I get them.

I will send out a press release as soon as the retail version of the book is loaded and ready for sale.

For any questions, comments, etc. please contact me at:

Thank you everybody for your interest, patience, and support during this whole process. I specifically want to thank my copy editor, Lavon Peters. My copy proof reader, Annie Staufer (Binion), and my “art director” Mike Smith. And a special thanks to Susan Hayre Thelwell who does this stuff for a living and taught me the finer points of photo book publishing. These folks all made a BIG difference and I appreciate it.

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